Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Give It Up

As a kid, I learned that people give up things for a brief period called Lent.  I have no religious affiliation, so let's just look at this as something to consider doing for self betterment.  Let's consider a few things.  Here goes.

1. Golf.  I played today and realized that I should consider giving this up.  When you score ninety-seven and think it's good, it really calls for the give up, especially when that's the best you can do after ten years of the game.

2. Not blocking my ears when the TV folks give names to winter storms.  I will now cover my ears whenever the TV weather people engage in this silly practice.

3.  Assuring myself I will lose ten pounds in a month.

4.  Looking at my surgical scars in a mirror.  Some morbid curiosity commands me to look at these things, but I gain nothing from the exercise.  Give it up.

5.  Checking my email five times a day.  Most of it is junk or fraudulent emails showing names of legitimate friends when they are actually Dr. Oz trying to get me to buy his stuff, aka, JUNK.  Cut back to two or three, max.  

6.  Watching The Family Feud.  I used to like this show, but the current host, Steve Harvey, seems to be overly enamored of dirty jokes and things a parent should not have to explain to a child.  When the audience gives an answer about gifts that says "sex toys," Mr. Harvey needs to sensor his studio audience and shape up.  Click.

7.   Expecting to wear shorts every day while in Florida during the winter months.

8.  Trying to get the correct answers on Jeopardy. 

That's enough for now.  What are you going to give up?

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