Monday, February 28, 2011


Never a Duet, But Quite a Pair.

To the best of my knowledge, Bobby Darin and Wayne Newton never performed together on stage, although Newton may have been an opening act for Darin very early in his career. The two were, however, hugely talented musicians. Both men played multiple instruments and had outstanding stage presence. Newton may have had the better singing voice (debatable), but Darin was a talented dancer, actor, impressionist (he did some impressions on Laugh-In) and song writer.
In his twenties, Bobby owned a record production company, TM Music/Trio, and signed Newton. When Bobby received the song Danke Schoen , he decided that Newton’s voice was better suited for it and he gave it to Wayne. The rest is musical history and Danke Schoen became Newton’s signature song.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Random Thoughts

Just finished reading Painted Ladies by Robert B. Parker, a novel he completed a year before he died. I marvel at his ability to write wonderfully entertaining dialogue. In one part of the book, Spenser is having a conversation with girlfriend Susan about another woman. Susan asks, “Do you think she’s better looking than moi?” Spenser, as the narrator, says with italics, “What kind of idiot wouldn’t know the right answer to that?” What guy who’s ever been in a relationship can’t appreciate that writing?

Dog On It is a greatly entertaining detective novel where Chet is the detective’s partner, who happens to be a dog. The twist is that the story unfolds from Chet’s point of view. It’s a refreshing approach to the genre. Both detective story lovers and dog lovers will….love it.

Louise and I are in our second winter in Florida and the jury is in. As I watch The Weather Channel showing Jim Cantore on Massachusetts Avenue in Washington, D.C. and another reporter in Massachusetts, both shivering in the cold and snow, I sit contented knowing this is the right way for retirees from the north country to spend the winter.

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