Saturday, January 03, 2015


Some Thoughts on Serial Killers



I was just having some passing thoughts about serial killers recently. Doesn’t everybody, now and then?  So I checked into Wikipedia to get a quick glance at what they had to say.

I found out that the FBI Crime Classification Manual (aren’t you glad somebody is classifying these guys?) puts serial killers into three little boxes: organized, disorganized and mixed.  That’s a little scary, because it got me to looking at my work space.  Which label would fit me and am I headed down a wrong career path?

Organized serial killers are, well, very organized.  They maintain a high level of control over the crime scene and know how to cover their tracks.  Whew!  That lets me off the hook, since I always lost at “hide and seek” when I was a kid.  My tracks stood out a whole bunch, I guess.  I didn’t know it at the time.

Disorganized serial killers are more impulsive, use whatever weapon is handy and usually leave the you-know-what lying there.  I guess they don’t like cleanup details.  They also have lower IQs than their organized counterparts. 

Did you just convince yourself that you’d be “organized?” Go ahead, think about it. It’s OK.  Really.

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