Monday, August 03, 2015


What If?

What if things were different?

Have you ever wondered about your family history and considered what if some things happened differently?

On the left is my grandfather, Berardino Marini, as an eighteen year old in the #Italian  mountain rangers, the #Bassiglieri. He looks noble and proud. Well, he didn't turn out so well. He came to this country, met his wife, then drifted in and out, getting my grandmother (Nonna) pregnant and leaving, then coming back and repeating the process. As my ninety-four year old aunt Elena says, "he was a drunk, a bad drunk." She is the last of his children still alive (my dad, Tony, died eleven years ago, his two older sister died earlier).

Berardino was so bad as a husband and father, that his younger brother Dominic (on right), who decided to move to #Oakland, CA, wanted to adopt young Anthony and take him along with his wife. Fortunately for me, that never happened.  But what if it had? Would I have been born as a #California kid, a surfer, or a rock band star, or  hippie who became Governor of the state, or a movie star....or not?

Just wondering on a beautiful night on Cape Cod.

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