Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Whitey, Whitey, Everywhere.

It may not be as big a story outside of Boston, but the fact that Whitey Bulger is now wearing prison orange is huge in Beantown. He’s been a fugitive ( AKA “on the lamb”) for sixteen years and was the FBI’s numero uno since the death of Osama Bin Laden. His story will be more than just about his arrest and eventual trial.

People have been writing about Whitey for some time now (Howie Carr and Jay Atkinson among many). Martin Scorcese made a movie a couple of years ago (The Departed) with Jack Nicholson playing a character inspired by Whitey. I’m afraid that soon the flood gates will be opening. I suspect that books, documentaries, movies and articles will be saturating the market place. I hope to be part of that.

You see, I’ve been working on my first novel for three years now. It’s tentatively called Connections and is a Boston based crime story set in the mid 1970s. No, it’s not about Whitey Bulger, but there is a character in the story, although a minor one, that is inspired by him. So I’m not trying to jump on the band wagon. I was already on it before there was a band wagon.

I’m querying agents and publishers and getting to know the meaning of rejection. I hear it’s part of the business. So be it. But one day my book will be published. You’re going to like it (I hope).

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