Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Let's Look at an Author

David Litwack is a fellow Cape Cod author whom I've had the pleasure of knowing through our participation in the Cape Cod Writers Center. We both had our first books published in 2012 and he is having outstanding success with There Comes a Prophet, a work of dystopian science fiction. He has since published two other novels, Along the Watchtower and The Daughter of the Sea and Sky.

I caught up with David recently and he graciously agreed to a short interview for my blog.

1     What was your profession before you became a writer and  briefly describe a day in your life in that field?
I worked in the software industry. For a number of years, I sat at a computer and wrote all day, kind of like now, but software systems instead of novels. After that, I spent a lot of time on airplanes, flying around to meet customers and partners.
         Now that you are a published writer, what is a day in your life like now?
I try to write four hours a day and probably end up on social media marketing an hour or two. In between, I play golf (badly), go for long walks, exercise, bike and travel.
         What is the most satisfying thing for you about writing?
Holding the published book in my hands for the first time after more than a year of hard work. And suddenly finding the perfect phrase, the ideal way to make the words sing.
         Tell me about the genre in which you write and why you chose that one.
I write speculative literary fiction. I chose that because I’ve always been suspicious about reality, so I decided to make up my own worlds.
          If you decided to write in another genre, what would it be?
I’m working on a dystopian trilogy, which is a form of speculative fiction. I keep thinking about someday trying to write about the real world, if I can find something as fascinating as the worlds I make up.
         What will you be doing ten years from now?
Hopefully, still writing, although my pace may slow down.

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