Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Steve Sabol: NFL Game Winner

I’m going to miss Steve Sabol. 

He died recently at age 69 of brain cancer. He and his dad started NFL Films, which became the most enjoyable way to watch football. His films were not only highlights; they also gave great insight into the game and the people.

Two particular memories come to mind. One is the great voice and articulation of his first film narrator, John Facenda. He gave us the great quote, referring to the extremely cold playing surface in Green Bay, Wisconsin, “The frozen tundra of Lambeau Field.”

In 1970, he had Kansas City Chief head coach Hank Stram wear a microphone during a game; I think it was the Superbowl. During the game, you can hear Stram extolling his players to “matriculate the ball down the field, boys.”  I can only imagine what the players thought he meant.

Sabol played college football and was an Art History major, an interesting combination. He was an interesting man.

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