Monday, May 07, 2012


Family Tree and Me.

 We’re in a unique situation.

Baby Boomers are in the best position in history to pass on, well, history.  I mean family history, commonly known as genealogy.  We’ve got more pictures, some from our old family albums taken by Mom and Dad and even Grandpa or Grandma, as well as the huge amount of pictures that we’ve taken.  We also have something Mom and Dad and Grandpa didn’t have – motion video with sound.  I can show my grandkids color, full motion video of my parents, their great-great grandparents. Wow.  And they’ll be able to pass that on to their children some day, provided they keep up with technology changes.

My wife and I have recently taken on the task of building our family trees using computer software.  I’ve been able to find my great-grand parents from Italy along with the maiden names of their wives. So I can cover six generations going down to my own grandchildren. My wife can go even deeper with her family.
Family Tree Maker is the program I’m using and I’m sure there are others, but I can recommend this one. 

Baby Boomers, take the time to work on your family trees and pass it on.  It feels good.

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